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Studying in the UK makes it much easier to find a well-paid job after graduating. A practical approach to classes, a modern curriculum as well as a very good command of English will make you an attractive candidate in the eyes of employers. However, there is something else that will increase your chances on the labor market and also make it easier to start after graduation. Placement, i.e., a one-year internship in England, is such a solution.

What is Placement?

Placement Year is a full year internship in the company. Most often, a student receives a salary, which can be up to £ 40,000 per year, depending on the company and type of placement. This type of internship is also known as Sandwich.

For the duration of the internship, you stop studying at the university and focus only on work, i.e., gaining professional experience. Of course, your place at the university is not lost. On the contrary, UK universities are still helping their students find a suitable placement year placement. You return to studying after the end of the internship, which means that your studies in England will take a year longer than if you had not decided to take the placement.

However, it is worth using this option, because each additional experience gives you an advantage over your competitors on the labor market.

Let us add that during the internship you still have to pay tuition fees to study in the UK. However, it is correspondingly lower than when you are attending a class. Anyway, if you are using a tuition loan it shouldn't be a problem for you. First, for a one-year internship, you will most likely receive a monthly salary. And secondly, the tuition loan to study in England is particularly attractive, so you shouldn't have any difficulties with paying it back. If you want to know more about tuition loan, see here.

Why is it worth using Placement?

Would you like to finish your studies in Great Britain as soon as possible and start your own business or career in a thriving company? Then you may be wondering if there is any point in taking a year off your studies just to do an internship. Believe us, when it comes to Great Britain, it is really worth using this solution.

First of all, the one-year placement within the placement year is nothing like the internships or apprenticeships that we usually deal with in Polish conditions. Here, no one will require you to brew coffee for regular employees or make sure that the photocopier always has paper and full toner.

On the contrary, tune in to full-fledged training as if you were one of the many hiring employees. It is simply profitable for companies to invest in your training if they know that you will spend the next 12 months with them. The employers' approach to students as part of placement is therefore completely different than to people who come to the company only as part of a 3-month internship.

In addition to valuable experience, you can even get a full-time job offer. And no, you will not have to stop your studies in England or somehow combine it with full-time work. The employer will simply wait until you finish your studies, so you will have a job guaranteed in advance after receiving your diploma. And few graduates can afford such a luxury. Of course, the job offer after graduation applies only to those who have proven themselves during the internship. Despite this, such a solution is not uncommon.

Placement year is also a great opportunity to confirm that you have made the right career choice. We are aware that many young people after graduation do not fully know what they want to do in life, so choosing to study in the UK, they are guided by intuition, their interests or the promise of good earnings in a given profession. It ends up differently, and many graduates will never even work a day in their profession.

What's more, even people who are confident in their choices often feel disappointed when they get to know their dream profession from the inside out. Doing an internship as part of a placement year will help you find out if you are on the right path. And if not, you can always change the field of study. Better than trying to find yourself in a profession that tires you once you've graduated.

Who Can Benefit from Placement Year?

To qualify for placement year while studying in the UK, you must achieve adequate academic performance. Typically, at individual universities, the passing threshold is 40%, but to take advantage of the one-year internship option, you should get an average of at least 55%

Besides, you shouldn't wait passively for such an internship. Above all, take the initiative as if you are looking for a real job, not an internship. You also have to be prepared that you will not be accepted into the first company you apply to. Seeking a placement internship takes patience, but once you find a job, you will have benefits.

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