Financial Advice

Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee Loan - The following support is available for those with Pre/settled status. Tuition Fee is sent in installments directly to the university's account, and you can fully focus on your studies and academic life in England. Tuition Fee Loan is available to anyone who: - Applied, received and confirmed the "offer" of a place at a university in Great Britain, - Has the proper evidence regarding the Pre/Settled Status - Is not a university graduate (does not have a bachelor's or master's degree) The biggest advantage of Tuition Fee Loan is its cost and repayment method. First of all, you start to pay off your tuition loan only one year after graduation, provided that you start working and your earnings exceed the so-called threshold, which is a fixed income threshold for the country where you work. In England, it is around £ 26,000 however, it is subject to change as the threshold goes up with the national living wage. If your income is lower, you will not pay back the loan until your earnings increase.

Maintenance Loan

Maintenance Loan - The following support is available for those with Pre/settled status. The Maintenance Loan is provided by the government organization called Student Finance England. The loan amount depends on the household income and your marital status. You can receive up to £13.000 per academic year. The final amount will depend on your location, earnings, type of contract etc. You do not need to be worried - we will be able to assist you and help you to get the highest amount possible. You will be able to cover the costs of whatever you need in order to be able to continue the studies. The money will be paid into your bank account in 3 instalments during the academic year. Also, paying back the loan depends on your earnings after you graduate. You need to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for the maintenance loan: - are employed in the UK - working part-time, full-time or self-employed - you may be even on 0 hours contract - you have to be able to present invoices/payslips from 3 months backwards.

Support for Parents

The following support is available for those with Pre/settled status. Childcare Grant: if you’re in full-time higher education, and eligible for student finance, you can receive up to 85% of your childcare costs for children under 15 (under 17 if they have special needs). This grant is means-tested and does not have to be repaid. Parents’ Learning Allowance: if you are a parent on a full-time undergraduate course, or an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course, you may be able to receive additional financial help. This is a means-tested allowance and does not have to be repaid Academic support: If you have difficulty meeting deadlines, attending classes, or coping with work placements because of your additional responsibilities, most providers will have processes in place to help you manage your workload and keep on track. Talking to your personal or academic tutor if you are having any problems is a good idea. source: