Study Abroad

Foundation Year

Are you unsure if studying in the UK is a good idea? Do you have doubts whether your knowledge of the English language is good enough to handle it at a university in England? You will find answers to these questions during the Foundation Year. Check this out! Foundation Year is a course designed to prepare you for your studies in Great Britain. Also, If you haven’t passed the national final exams, or simply - you are applying based on your cv and work experience - this is a year for you. Foundation Year is a one-year academic course that is available at most UK universities. It can take one of two forms. Most importantly, during Year 0, you will be learning related things to the field of study you intend to study. Of course, the year zero classes are in English. This is a great opportunity to learn it at an academic level, which will allow you to actively participate in classes, prepare final projects and write essays during your undergraduate studies in the UK. You will also learn how to use the academic English language, in writing and speaking. Foundation Year classes alone will take you about 16-20 hours a week. It will allow you to easily combine education and additional work or simply enjoy your student life. The rate of students who got into their undergraduate dream studies after completing the zero year is as high as 99.7%.

Undergraduate Degree

The fields of study offered by the Undergraduate education are ideally suited to today's job market. Studies takes 3-4 years and allow you to obtain a Bachelor's Degree. Some of the courses offered (e.g medical) may be attended by students for longer -e.g 5–6 years. Undergraduate studies in England can take many forms, from classical to specialist. Currently, undergraduate studies in England are very popular due to the very high level of education closely matching the current needs of the market. The knowledge base is being constantly improved, universities also create new fields of study. By choosing a bachelor's degree in the UK , you can be sure that you will gain useful, practical knowledge and high qualifications that will allow you to find a satisfying job. Classes at British universities are not only lectures, but also work in well- equipped laboratories, and even rooms that very precisely imitate the real conditions and working environment in a given profession. In addition, universities even have personal courtrooms, theatres, hospital wards, and their own recording studios. Very good conditions and professional equipment make learning interesting and enjoyable, as a result students have the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills at an even higher level.

Postgraduate Studies

Master's degrees are highly valued by employers, which is the reason why so many people choose to continue their education after completing their undergraduate studies. Master's are especially worth considering - they last only a year, and thanks to them you can gain knowledge and practical skills useful on the market. The study program usually covers only a few subjects, but requires a thorough study of their subject matter, both theoretically and practically. In Great Britain, studies are designed to prepare graduates primarily for professional work. taught course - these are standard Master's programs whose curriculum is mainly based on lectures; obtaining a master's degree requires completing the course and writing a master's thesis (note: in the UK, there is no defense of diploma theses, and the thesis itself is usually 20-30 pages); research course - these are courses based on research work, which are very often combined with doctoral studies.